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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Rambling and the Rest & Blackberry Cobbler / 7-26-19

      Hello my friends and welcome to another wonderful adventure here on old Cape Cod. I won't go into the weather I have a birdie that dropped by told me someone else is taking care of that. But seeing that I work out of my house I have been blessed here in South Dennis without loosing power at all and internet has been on most of the time. Off just when I have sat down to write this blog thing, which has been about 3 or 4 times over the last two evenings. Oh what joys and fun, and now it is going past the bewitching hour and some of us still have to work in the morning. I am looking forward to my son and his wife coming to visit and be with me for a week. Off work on vacation time and just having fun. It's my first time off of the year and I so desperately need it. My kitchen cabinets have arrived, so once the kids leave, hopefully I get my contractor here to start the work. and the tomato plants I picked up last this year are already producing small salad tomatoes which I am enjoying. I love fresh tomatoes out of my own garden, they can just add that yumminess that tasteless store bought tomatoes have. Ok, ok, I know i'm rambling, so have yourself a great day, I am going to let the rest of this thing fly on it's own. Hopefully next week we will be back on a somewhat normal schedule with things and give you something to hang your hat on. Maybe a good travel tip or something. Have a great and wonderful all day every day, especially if you are right here on the Cape. Later. 
      Small business report time, check these classic places out, I love these places and have been to them all. For starters where do I go for salt water taffy, to me the best place is Cape Cod Salt Water Taffy on Rt 28 in South Yarmouth. This place is the best, they have 31 flavors, yes 31. They charge by the pound and you can get small amounts to larger amounts. If you want they will even ship it for you if you want, as a gift or just to yourself so you don't have to carry it home. Of better yet, buy a box and have one shipped home for later. Yum. FYI and on facebook. 
  While you are over that direction, for breakfast or lunch check out Piccadilly Cafe & Deli, located at 1105 MA-28, South Yarmouth,  across from Shaws and next to Bob's Discount Home Store. This is a great shop for breakfast, the food is wonderful the staff is friendly and it is about as Cape Cod as you are going to get. What is great is they take plastic and they even have Wi-Fi if you really need it. find them online at and on facebook
      Last but not least, Riverview Bait & Tackle shop. located at 1273 MA-28, South Yarmouth and online through facebook. They have been around for almost ever and are the place to get your bait, your licenses and other necessary fishing gear. They have the poop on the scoop or should I say the stripper on the hook for what is going on fishing wise on the Cape. Great help, wonderful people and a necessity for the real fisherman around. 
      Well that is it for this round, three totally different places, all local all Cape Cod and ready to help in their respected businesses. Eat now, snack in between and fish for good eats later on. See you out there soon, especially at the Taffy place Yumm. 
      Hello folks, well unless you live under a rock, are a hermit (not bad this time of the hear) or have been out to sea with out radio contact to the world (shame on you) then you probably know that the Cape has had a little bit of weather excitement this week. Fortunately, we here on the outer Cape were spared that experience and we at the station have been very grateful for that. But last year the Cape saw it's 3rd tornado in the past 100 years. On Tuesday we have made up for time with two touchdowns confirmed by our national weather folk. One in West Yarmouth and the other in Harwich both F-01. What they did not count was the water spout out in the middle of Bass River. But the blessing is, no injuries, or worse and although there are many trees down and power lines all over the place, the cavalry has been here from as far away as Ohio giving aide to help get folks back with power and back online. As far as up here out of the way of things, life goes on without skipping a beat, the seals are still basking in the sun and our friends the Great Whites are still enjoying their buffet. Folks as long as the seals are here, get used to it, the sharks are going to be here. Up until all this we were cooking along like an old bring oven full of coal and pumping out the steam. Then someone through the switch and puff, its like early September weather. So if your a boater, this is perfect weather, if you're a beach person, what better weather could you ask for. The nights have been spectacular and the old gals beacon has been seen what some have said over 20 miles away. I'm not gonna promise that but I know I have seen Chatham's all the way up here and some evenings as I have been in the lamp room have seen Minots Light beacon across the Bay. It has been fun, I wish I could open the tower up at night, but the insurance liability just wont allow it. But the daytime viewing has been nearly as spectacular, being able to view all the way to P'town memorial tower, to Scargo tower in Dennis and on a great day all the way to the Canal. We have seen multitudes of ships and even some cruise ships, we have seen whales and yes even a couple of sharks. The crowds have been great, and we have had so much fun with them This is what summers are all about here on Cape Cod and I am hoping that the crowds continue to come all the way to Labor Day. If you have been here already thank you and I hope you had a great time. If you have not been here yet, I hope you get the chance to come and spend a morning or afternoon with us. We are so looking forward to seeing you and showing you around the grounds and throughout the buildings and take that trip up the circular stairs to the lamp room, it is such a wonderful few. Well I hop you have a great and wonderful every day especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.  
      Well, Cobblers as we have learned, are wicked easy to make. Most recipes are very similar and do not weird or outlandish ingredients, unless of course you want to add some wicked weird fruit. But for this recipe there is nothing you would not have normally in the house. And the other thing is you can change out the sugar for a substitute like Stevia or Truvia but stay natural please. then there is milk you can change this out for almond milk, but use the original not the flavored. So there are ways to make this a little more health conscious for those who choose to go that way. But hey me, straight for the regular way, as I don't eat this everyday and once in a while is not bad for you. Indulgence is the problem, and not just sweets, but all things, so moderate whenever possible. Now you can used canned fruit in this, but check with your local farm stand or farmers market and get what is fresh in season and eat local and healthy. 
Now on with the show,,,

      This week's recipe: Blackberry Cobbler

      1      cup      sugar
   3/4      cup      flour
      2      tsp       baking powder
      1      pinch   salt
   2/3      cup      milk
      4      Tbsp    butter
      2      cups    fresh blackberries

      Sift dry ingredients together. Add milk, stirring well. Melt butter in 8 x 11 x 2 pan. Pour batter on top of butter. Place fruit on top of batter. Bake at 350 degree oven until brown for 40-45 minutes. Service warm or cooled with vanilla ice cream and or whipped cream. And yes have it for breakfast with cream or milk poured over it. YUM. 

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