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Friday, July 5, 2019

Black Krim Friday / 7-5-19

Black Krim Friday EveryOne
Well back to the grindstone for one day, but it is FRIDAY and for that we will celebrate. It will be a long day today as we have to collect our thoughts, gather our wits and refocus on the direction we need to finish this race we are running this week. This is a one day marathon sprint from the get go to the finish line, so let's start by ditching those hikers and swapping them out for the sprinters, put down the staff and get that suntan lotion on and the eye protection dawned. I know it was hard getting out of bed and we are all sluggish from yesterdays parties and BBQ gatherings. But this is it, we still have this day to finish up and to do it with quality as well as quantity. And yes we will still be stoping for those that need our help, to listen then see them to the next care center. Remember life downers do not take a holiday nor is Friday a day off, so we will be ready to help in whatever way we can. Now we did not get our day of weeding out, we did not get our typical wrap up, but its a bright and sunny day and we are not going to let what didn't or what hasn't gotten done, nor are we going to worry about what we can't change and focus on what we can accomplish. So are you ready? I get it,, but . oh wait this weeks theme? Ok ok,, they are all different types of Tomatoes, each is a different kind kinda cool I think, if not just down right interesting. Ok, enough babbling, and time to get this show on the race track and take this week to it's finish. And if we need to pepper it up with a lot of hot-sauce then do what you need to make it one of the best that's ever been. And just think 2020 is less than 6 months away. Time to do it and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long and give it all you've got.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Graham Cracker Day
National Bikini Day
Work-a-holics Day
Work Without Your Hands Day
Roswell UFO Days: 5-7
International Cherry Pit Spitting Day - 6
Hop A Park Day - 6
International Day of Cooperatives - 6
International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day - 6
National Hand Roll Day - 6
Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day - 6
Tour de France: 6-28

National Strawberry Sundae Day - 7
National Macaroni Day - 7
World Chocolate Day - 7
Build A Scarecrow Day - 7
Father-Daughter Take A Walk Together Day - 7
Global Forgiveness Day - 7
National Dive Bar Day - 7
Tell The Truth Day - 7
Victims of The Dallas, Texas Attack Day - 7
Be Nice To New Jersey Week: 7-13 
Creative Maladjustment Week: 7-14  
National Farriers Week: 7-13
Sports Cliché Week: 7-13

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