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Friday, July 12, 2019

Helios Friday / 7-12-19

Helios Friday EveryOne
   This is the day of the Greek god of the sun, so what you doing still laying around in bed (mentally & a few of you physically). Do you not get it, this is FRIDAY, the day we have been striving for since the beginning of the week. The day we have been swimming so hard to get too. The day that when it is over we start to PAR-TAY. You think we can just find a rocking chair on the pouch and watch the world go by, well guess again. We still have a job to finish and a journey to conclude and an adventure to bring to a wrap up. Fridays are not lazy, hazy days, they may be crazy, mazy and blazy but we still need to work it, bring it to a close, and make it the best finish ever. So put away the snorkel equipment and get out the sprinters, and find that visor, and please get that lotion on as the sun is still high and burning brightly. We need to do quantity with quality as half baked work will always come back to bite us later on. Now the theme of the week is,,, drum rolls please, Different kinds of Radishes. Yup those delicious round, long finger like multicolor vegetables that grows in our back yard, or we buy at the store or farmers market. YUM. Now back to the business of finishing this week, we still got to keep our eyes and ears open for those in need. Just cause it's Friday does not mean back times gives up or we get to turn our heads and look away. We will still stop, listen, and help to the extent of seeing them to the next care center, then move on and finish in style. Well folks this is it, the end of another week, another post holiday week and we have survived. So let's take it out of here in style and with a purpose driveness about it and as we do let's go make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend. long. 
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances
National Michelada Day
Different Colored Eyes Day

Beans 'n Frank Day - 13
Barbershop Music Appreciation Day - 13
Embrace Your Geekness Day - 13
Fool's Paradise Day - 13

National Macaroni Day - 14
Bastille Day - 14
Pandemonium Day - 14
National Nude Day - 14
Shark Awareness Day - 14
Everybody Deserves A Massage Week: 14-20

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