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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Vacation PlanningInsights & Hot Seafood Dip / 1-29-2020

      So we are almost into February, do you have your vacation time set up yet. For us at my place of employment we have to schedule 6 months in advance to get the dates we want, but they wont let us go out any further. So for planning purposes we are looking at July we can schedule and come next week the beginning of August. You don't want to get caught by surprise, expecting to take a vacation and forget that you forgot to request your time off. Or better yet, you scheduled your time off but forgot to reserve the cottage or get the hotel or motel rooms you wanted. So let's start putting out thoughts together and getting those place at least started. I think this year is going to be a sizzling year for vacations and beach places are going to be at a premium. Check with grandma & grandpa, or Mom & Dad for when the cottage is available or when they might have a room open to come visit. Things of all your options and get them going 
      Can you tell I am ready for Spring, if not Summer? Ever since I had the last back surgery my body does not seem to like the cold as much or the changing weather patterns. But life is what life is and we have to leave to live with it. They told me, 1/3 get better, 1/3 stay the same and 1/3 get worse. I think I cover the gamete of all three in one way or another, it is just different and life is definitely changed. Some good, some not so good, some I wish would, so we deal with what we have to at this point and push forward. Life is not always what it seems or what you had hoped would be. So how do we deal with it is what makes our world go round. The surroundings do help in getting through those times and for me my faith. The Cape takes this a long way for me, from walks on the beach, going clamming, just going out onto the deck and star gazing. I hope if you live you, you are able to appreciate it. You are not so tied to your mortgage that you can not enjoy it. And I hope and pray that all are able to physically find this a rejuvenating place to be. I keep looking for some of these answers while others are being met. And if you don't live here, I hope when you come and visit, you can find this this is a great place to just unwind and recharge. So start planning those vacations and start preparing to unwind in this great and wonderful place we call old Cape Cod. 
      This week I am going to report on two that I have not done a lot with. The first just because I combine them in with Cape Cod Beer. But they have some things going on that I want to make a point of. But first in their words: SHOAL HOPE CIDERWORKS is a Provincetown, Massachusetts-based Hard Cider Producer. Founded in late 2015, the build-out of the ciderworks begin in March of 2017 and the first fermentations were pitched on May 17th of that year.  The product was formally launched on June 24th and quickly became popular with local residents and tourists alike.  Along with producing great ciders, Shoal Hope Ciderworks is committed to being an active and supportive member of the business and cultural communities in Provincetown and throughout the region. Now were to taste Shoal Hope is at Cape Cod Beer tasting room, you can get a flight that is a great way to sample their Cider and folks this stuff is so good. Major even however coming up, now it is a ticked event but will be worth with and held at Cape Cod Beer. Meet the Cider Maker: Rob of Shoal Hope Ciderworks!  When? February 21, 2020 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, cost $25.00. So were to get tickets, Online through Cape Cod Beer, The Shoal Hope Ciderwords facebook page (there are links on both to who is handling the tickets.) This should be a fun evening and some great time of learning about Cider and tasting. So happy to see this new company really taking off. Check them out and try their products they are really tasty. 
      Next up Devils Purse, Located in South Dennis located at 120 Great Western Road, South Dennis, or online at Their WINTER TAPROOM HOURS are as follows: FRIDAY 12-7PM, SATURDAY 12-7PM, SUNDAY 12-4PM. Now a big even this weekend, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1 from 12:00 PM  4:00 PM, In their words they have noted, WE ARE CELEBRATING THE RETURN OF CLARITY COFFEE PALE ALE WITH OUR FRIENDS+COLLABORATORS SNOWY OWL COFFEE ROASTERS. THEY WILL BE BRINGING THEIR WONDERFUL POP-UP COFFEE STATION OVER TO THE BREWERY AND SETTING UP SHOP! Then on February 13 they going on INTIMATE CHOCOLATE + BEER PAIRING, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2020, 6:00 PM  8:00 PM, This is a ticketed event tickets are $30.00, go to their events page and click on the link to buy tickets. And if this does not sound good I am not sure what does, other than Steak and Lobster dinner. Ok so get to their events page cause there is more going on. Folks it is happening at Devil's Purse check em out or just check out their beers, they have some very delicious offerings.  
       Ok so my son came and visited me over MLK weekend, and we had gotten a couple coupons from one of those BOGO or half price deals. So we ended up doing Red Nun Restaurant in Dennis Port and Sargo Cafe in Dennis. Folks Im telling you both were out of this world. At Red Nun what, else do you get but a fabulous burger on one of their english muffin buns. Folks these things are incredible, and to go with it a flight of beer, and for the price it was beyond out standing. One of my go to places, that has not failed me yet. The on Sunday we went to Scargo Cafe, we both thad the steak and eggs. Folks my son is a little picky on own he like his steak, but they nailed it. And for me I am a rare medium type, could not have been any better if I had tried myself. The homemade bread to die for, and the Bloody Mary was oh so tasty. And yes we finished with the GrapeNut Custard. WOW again another place I have not been disappointed in anytime I go. So watch for when the coupons when available, folks every little bit helps me, but please when you go with one of these coupons, remember to tip on the original bill, not the discounted amount, doing that is just rude. Ok so enough of that, Just watch for them and save when you can and enjoy great local dinning.   
      And the weather weirdness continues. Folks do you realize how messed we get along the coast line with this weather? The cooler water, the warmer air temperatures makes for a very foggy time. You always wondered why the UK was always so foggy? Well the Gulf Stream dumps onto the beaches of the UK (ok United Kingdom) and then the cooler breezes come down from the North Atlantic waters and, wham bam you got more fog than a warm room filled with dry ice. Anyway we have got the same stuff going on there and make for very tricky navigating out of harbors and around shoals and sandbars. And a lot of this think pea soup does not make it back onto shore as the winds keep it moving. So when you hear those fog warnings go off, keep our fishermen and women in your prayers for safe travels. Now other than that not a lot happening. We don't have any major holidays on the horizon, I know, Valentines Day and St Patrick's Day is a big thing for many but they don't count. So for the rest of January and through February will be quiet. We are still doing those private tours and definitely love having those school kids in. You should see their faces when we talk about sea monsters and ghosts. And about pirates and lost bounties from their wrecks. We talk about whales and sharks and beach safety, along with what the life saving station did in long ago ages and what the lighthouse has meant to the Cape and the coastline. So they get a great education and we love seeing them get excited about we are all about here. So if you know of a school that wants to do this, just let us know and we will try to work something out. So I think that is about it for now. I have to get looking for a good bundt cake recipe (oh don't worry I have probably more than all of you combined I love Bundt Cakes and they love me. But I spoke up to make one for our church lunchen, so I better to do it well. I hate when you get a great recipe and the half the top sticks to the top of the pan. But I am getting better at that so they look really nice. So I hope you all have a great and wonderful week, and especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      This is the fifth Wednesday of the month and we love to do appetizers. It has been the custom over the past several years to do something that is seafood worthy. And this year will be no different, although enjoy it cause next year I am going to start changing it up as man (as in kind no gender reference here) doth not live by seafood along. Although I could die trying, there are so many different goodies, but that is for next year. Back to the here and now. With the Super Bowl happening just around the corner we all love finger food, tailgate food, and great appetizers. So this week and starting out this year is  a Hot Seafood Dip. What better than a good beer and seafood, ok some would say wine and seafood. But whatever your beverage of choice is, do it with seafood. Now before I start dribbling all over the keyboard let's get this show on the road.

      This week's recipe: Hot Seafood Dip

      1      pkg      cream cheese
      1      can      crabmeat ( 6 1/2 oz or bigger) or tuna, or shrimp, all drained 
      2      Tbsp    green onions, chopped
   1/2      tsp       horseradish
   1/3      cup      slivered almonds, toasted 
      1      Tbsp    butter
   1/8      tsp       salt
      1      Tbsp    lemon juice
   1/8      tsp       freshly ground black pepper
      1      Tbsp    milk

      Place almonds and butter in a 1 cup measure and microwave 3 to 4 minutes until almonds are light brown, stirring every minute. Set aside. In a 1 quart microwave-safe dish, place cream cheese, Microwave on HIGH 30 second to soften. Add remaining ingredients and microwave on HIGH another 2 to 3 minutes or until hot. Stir every minute to distribute heat. Do not overcook as the fish is very delicate. Garnish with toasted almonds. with with slices of French bread or crackers. 

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