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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Tuesday Morning 1/28/2020

Persian Blue Tuesday EveryOne
Well, it’s another absolutely beautiful day and how can you complain about this much sun in January . It's a wicked awesome beautiful day, regardless if you’re a Polar Bear or a Polar Fox, Snowy Owl or a human being. I would give you a report to the looks outside my office window but the sun coming up between the homes across the street from me is blinding me in the eyes, but it is January and the mornings are still chilly. But for now, my electric is still on and I still have heat. So work I will. All those reading not in NE or on Cape Cod, well, eat your hearts out, as it is just beautiful. I look back and 5 years ago we were digging out of mega snow and the winds were just howling. Oh what a couple years make, and yo will find no complaints out of me. So with all this beauty going on, how can we waste a Tuesday like this. So while you are out and about, smile at someone and make they wonder what it's all about. Take the time to reach out and love someone you might not thing so loving. Spread the sunshine and let the glow within radiate to all that come in contact with you today. Ok Have a great day, help those in true need and smile to all the rest. And have a most Happy, Happy today.
Your Morning Nestor
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Blueberry Pancake Day
Data Privacy Day
Fun at Work Day
National Kazoo Day
Data Privacy Day
National Pediatrician Day
National Plan For A Vacation Day
Rubber Ducky Day
Thank A Plugin Developer Day

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