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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

January Life & Honey Bourbon Whiskey Balls 1/22/2020

     Ok, so what have you been doing for the last few weeks since the new years. The weather for the most part has been interesting, so depending on the day and the week, either bundled up to keep the wind off or walking around in shorts and a t-shirt, in January, who'da thunk? Not me. Personally I prefer the warmer weather, especially when I take my pooch for his evening walks. Just makes it easier to get around the neighborhood when I don't have to bundle up so much. However I will say my little guy, (a Pomeranian) just loves the snow. This past weekend when we had the Saturday snow, my son and I took him for a walk and he just went bonkers. My best image to offer is if you remember the movie Gremlins when they get wet. Yup thats my boy. Speaking of boys, my son, who lives in Florida decided to make a pilgrimage to see his dear old Dad. So grateful to have his company, and just have some down time with him here over MLK weekend. Only thing is, what is he doing coming north in the winter, shouldn't I be going south to visit him? LOL. But we have a good time, great food and sleeping in a bit. Do you have family coming in? Do you get to escape to a warmer place? Whatever you do I hope you are able to relax and just get enjoy this quiet season and are able to stay warm. The only other things I have been doing, has been working, long days, long weeks, but I need it to help pay off this new kitchen of mine. It is great, having fun in it. love it to death, but will be paying for it for a while, just due to the extra time it took and the additional unexpecteds we ran into. And no not even my contractor could have planned some of these. But it is all done and wow, I think I can actually say I have a magazine type kitchen. Could not be any more happy with i and will always be grateful to my contractor for all he did. Well that's about it for another week, maybe something good and exciting will happen and will be able to share, then again knowing my life, We will figure something else to discuss. But it will almost always be something about this great place we call old Cape Cod. Have a great and wonderful and see you back here soon. 
       This weeks local business report, reports into Brewster. Although he has been there now a bit over a year the new kid on the block for your local spirits shop is Brewster Wine & Spirits located in Foster Square located right in the front. I have been driving back and forth and have seen it but had never been in. I met the owner several weeks before at another event and is a really nice guy and encouraged. So in I went, they have a really nice selection of beer and spirits and a really good wine selection. So if you live around or do business in this area, and enjoy your libations, check out Brewster Wine & Spirits. 
      Right behind Brewster Wine & Spirits is Oki Sushi  Restaurant,, The actual address is 2655 Main Street #16, all I can find are wonderful reports on having good food. I am very interested in trying them as I enjoy good Sushi. Now they are on vacation 1-21 through 1-28, but they will be back on on 1-29. They have daily specials, they have Maki, Sushi, & Sashimi, along with Sushi entrees. They are open Wednesday through Monday 4:30 to 9, but Friday and Saturday till10. So pick up some wine, some Sushi and have a great evening. 
      If Sushi is not your back, go back a little further and you will find Brewster Pizza House and Sports Bar. find them on the web at check out there menu, they are a great little local place to grab a cold brew and a great pizza Calzone, Grinder, Burgers and more. They have a nice place to sit and have a great time with family and friends and have some great food. 
      Across the street you will find the Brewster Book Store, a great place to find new prints, local prints, book signings and a whole lot more. You want the latest New York bester seller, this is the place to get it. So for your actual book needs check them out. Then next to them is Ace Hardware, Karma Foods and the Snowy Owl Coffee Roaster. Brewster has a lot to offer but sometimes you have to just look a little closer to see all that it has. So get out and go visit your local businesses.   
      Welcome back to the rolly-polly world of winter weather here on Cape Cod. I will have to say, when the wind is not blowing and the sun has been out, it has been down right beautiful. But that wind over the last couple days has just felt bone chilling, I'm not sure if that is because of the warmer days we have had earlier in the month or what. But the temperatures are really normal and not extreme lows, so who gets it? I have had several of those older timers, you know the ones older than I am (and that's old) who tell me that these are more like the past winders of years gone by when their friends used to go golfing in the middle of January every year. Then it got colder and snowier and well just ridiculous. But we are back to the days of golfing on Cape Cod in the middle of winter. What is this when you have to make a decision on the weekend whether to go golfing or clamming? If there ever was a decision to make there. Do you wanna eat or play games? And yes we have several golf courses around here, not to forget the frizbee or disc golf courses either. We could use a few more of those around here. Anyway, I am surprised that I am not seeing more recreational fisherman going out, as the seas have been quiet and lack stormy weather. But I guess they are all down in Florida where it is, well not much warmer, the past couple of day. Around here all is quiet, too quiet as there is a Helium Shortage going on, not just here but globally so our weather balloons have not been going up like we would prefer they do. But other than that, we are still reading the gauges, keeping records, and doing the visuals. The station we are keeping tightied up till spring, then we will do the yearly painting and updates. So with tall that, stay healthy, this change in weather is really nasty for colds and flue, but enjoy the sunny days and take full advantage of that warmth anyway you can on the cooler days. And remember we are gaining sunlight now every day and the coldest averaged days are not behind us and with each day towards spring it is gradually getting warmer, or at least we like to think that. So have a great and wonderful , stay healthy and warm and have blast in whatever you do, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.   
      This year we are going to revisit a favorite of mine, Cookie Balls. I love cookies balls, they are small, poppers, you can have a few now and a few later. Or a lot now or a lot later, whatever you want. But all these recipes are new, none are repeats and they are all great recipes. Oh and for this recipe as are about half the recipes are not for the younger generation. Please be mindful that those with liquor, aka booze, and are no-bakes you get a pretty strong kick of the liquor. Those that are baked, a majority of the alcohol burns off, but not all of it, don't be fooled by those recipes or comments that tells you that cooking eliminates the alcohol, it does not. So please be mindful. Now let's go have some fun with this one, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Now on with the show:

      This week's recipe: Honey Bourbon Whiskey Balls

      1      pd        vanilla wagers, finely crushed
   1/2      cup      mild-flavored honey
   2/3      cup      Honey Bourbon Whiskey 
      1      pd        walnuts and pecans finely chopped

      (the original recipe advised that liquor could be 1/3 cup of brandy, Cognac or bourbon and 1/3 cup of rum I chose to make it honey bourbon whiskey and go just one, not mixed. I'm not making a cocktail, I'm making cookie balls)

      Combine all ingredients and work together thoroughly, using your hands. Form into small balls and roll in superfine granulated sugar or in sifted powdered sugar (the balls should have a generous coating of sugar). For best results wrap each separately in plastic wrap. Let stand for at least 24 hours before serving, and the longer the better, possibly a week or more to allow flavors to mellow and blend. This recipe makes about 5 dozen. 
      (One last thing, if you wish not to use liquor can substitute orange juice for the liquor and add several tablespoons of grated orange rind.) 

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