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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year 2020 & a Coco-Mocha Alexander Cocktail / 1-1-2020

      Happy New Year all, time for a new start to a new year, and a new decade. Have you made any resolutions? I have, only one though, I have resolved not to make any new years resolutions past this one, cause most are ended, broken, or forgot but the third week if not the third day in January. So what are some things I would like to see happen, first starters, learn to relax more. Stop working so much overtime if and when possible (problem is that kitchen of mine, although it is beautiful it was no cheap, and there are bills to be paid. so that is most likely not going to happen. Unless someone, somewhere, has pity on me and hires me at twice my present salary. I would like to loose a few more pounds, and be able to bake a bit more in my new kitchen. Yes, I am a guy who likes to cook, and bake, hate to clean up, but I am not a messy baker, I keep stuff cleaned as I go along cause I do not want to deal with a mess afterwards. Love making Cheesecakes, Bundt Cakes and pies. But we will see. I also need to get back to putting paint on canvases and finding someplace to show them. After the kitchen I don't have much money left for show fees, so looking for someplace that does not want an arm and a leg in commission fees to show my paintings. Anyway, this summer I would I want to get back to the beach, which I have not been to in the past few years due to back issues and I really want to go kayaking. Maybe somewhere along the way I can get some of this done. But most of all I just want to be able to enjoy being here on Cape Cod. It is so beautiful that I want to be able to take in this wonderful place that I love so much and the reason I now live here. Even with a bum back and a few other battered body issues. But it is what it is. I also want to be able to live life without so many aches and pains, but I think that one is a loosing battle so let's stay on the positive and what we know will be reality. So much for a good laugh. So this year what are you hoping will go better than the past? Is the Cape in your bucket list? Are you here like I am and just need to get out and enjoy it more? Then to all of us may we have a much healthier and active life than we have in the past, and may we all get out more to get to know this place we call old Cape Cod a whole lot better. Have a great and and wonderful every day especially if here on Cape Cod. 
      Local & small business report. Well I met the these folks at the Cape Cod Beer pop-up market on a Saturday before Christmas. Some cool things, and not just Holiday stuff. Check out their web site at They do have ornaments, but also wall hangings, desk and table decorations, and they can do signs as well. These would make unique gifts for anytime or something to spruce up the cottage or home. Check em out for something different. 
      Speaking of Cape Cod Beer Pop-up market, they will resume this coming Saturday January 4th and then every Saturday through April 25th from 11am - 4pm. There will be local crafters, food vendor, local bakers, and musicians. And if your going some Saturday morning why don't you call in advance and take a guided tour. It is a ticked event and the spots are limited, and happen Saturday mornings at 11am. So check that out while you're doing the market.
      Last up for this round is Holly's Deli, now located at 882 Main St, West Dennis across from the Dennis Fire Department and next to the Ezra Baker School or catty corner to Mermaids as well as on facebook. Folks, if you want a sandwich that will fill you and then some without busting your wallet, check out Holly's Deli. If you want a wicked good sandwich for lunch or dinner, check out Holly's Deli. If you are looking for someone to cater your office lunch, your social gatherings meeting food needs, your tail gate party needs, get over to Holly's Deli. They have it got you cover. Am I saying this loud and clear enough, if you aint been to Holly's Deli, your missing some great food. So get your tail in gear and get over to Holly's Deli and you will not be disappointed. 
      Hello, hello, and a Happy Happy New Year to you all. I hope that last night is not leaving you feel like muddy toad with no place to hop to, while holding an ice bag to your temples. See this is one of the pluses to becoming an old curmudgeon, we go to be early and wake up when we fill like it, and best part of it, is we don't end up with hangovers and we will have 50 cents in our pocket. LOL, Ok so we are boring as watching clam races, but seriously, we did stay up long enough to ring in the New Year, and climb the tower stairs and watch fireworks off in the distance southward to Chatham.  Provincetown was a little easier on us as they did them Sunday early evening, and yes we took the climb and watched those also. As the New Year is now upon us, remember that the grounds ornaments and decorations will be up through this weekend. So come on out one last time before they go back into storage for another year. The weather has been relatively quiet, the seas quiet, the winds, not unreasonable, and temperatures that have been fairly mild. But I am not complaining one bit as it makes for the school children's visits much more enjoyable. We are still taking reservations for tours, so don't think we are all filled up. We would love to host your tour group, or social club. Well, as it has been a long evening, last night, we watched that big parade they do every year out there in the west this morning, and lots of football games. We are just plum tuckered out. So you have yourself a great one and whenever possible come and have a great and wonderful with all us right here on old Cape Cod.       
      Welcome to the beginning of a brand new year and another great year of cocktails. This year I am going a different direction, instead of a "name" theme, I am going with a spirit theme. This year I am looking at all kinds of Rum adult beverages, cocktails, consumable liquored liquid, firewater, you know the good stuff. Ok, ok, so that makes it look like I am the area booze brother, when in reality I'm not. I enjoy studying mixology, and the making of spirits of all kinds. However, when it comes right down to it, I don't have the money to waste on a lot of liquor. I have a small amount and I enjoy experimenting and trying new things from time to time. And looking for recipes to cocktails is one way I find things to try on those occasions I do choose to consume. Only on a very special nice out will I order something out, as I just don't like taking the chance of drinking and diving, even if it is just one. So in this year, if you choose to consume, be a responsible consumer, be a responsible host and be a responsible friend as friends don't let friends drink and drive. I know for the most part I am talking to adults and we all should "know" better, but you would be surprised. So sorry for the commercial here, but better a word now then a word only wished would have been said. Remember, All my recipes are retrieved from other sights, books, and clippings. Unless I can state for a fact who, or where the drink originated from, just know it was not from me and please google for more info. Now let's get this year started with some real fun, seriously, tried this one and it is wicked tasty, now on with the show:  

      This week's recipe:  Coco-Mocha Alexander Cocktail
      3/4       oz      spiced rum
      1/2        oz      coffee brandy
          1       oz      cold black coffee
          1       oz      coconut cream
          1       oz      cream

      Pour all ingredients into a blender with one cup of crushed ice. Blend until smooth. Pour into a wine glass, and serve.
      Garnish with a few chocolate covered coffee beans on the side.  

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