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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Too Early ? & Baked Flounder / 1-15-20

      Ok so what are you thinking about this time of year? Me? Warm beach weather, sunny clear skies, the smell of coconut oil, and eating at my favorite seafood restaurants. I thought I got lucky this past week when we got into the 60's with all the sun. But no the water was not warm enough and the breeze was a bit much to be on the beach in a bathing suit. But it was good enough to be out and about and enjoying a whole lot of nature. But, seriously, is it too early to start thinking about that summer vacation? If you are like me, the workplace now requests we make our decision at least 6 months out in advance. Very little spur of the moment weekday trips. Need to be able to have people covering for folks off and make sure production numbers are met. So the response is no it's not too early. Besides as we are looking for some season low temps now in the forecast for the end of this week I will need something to warm up at least my mind. So pick your week, then start checking with the relatives, and friends if their place will be available. Start emailing your favorite hotel, motel or RV park and be asking how soon they start booking. Also start a coin bank for that spending money so you don't have to break yourselves trying to make extra just to enjoy yourself once you get here. Trust me there is plenty of stuff to spend money on. There is also plenty of stuff to do that is free, but if you start now, thats all the less you need to come up with later, and that you don't put on a credit card. So here is to summer thinking already. I hope you have a great and wonderful in planning your trip to this place we call Cape Cod. And many of us are already looking forward to you return. Stay warm, stay active, and keep a smile on your face at all time, and make everyone else just wonder wants really going on in that head of yours. You know,, it those warm fuzzy Cape Cod feelings, Hope to see you soon, right here on Old Cape Cod. 
      This week's local business report is going to be a miss mosh of information, just cause I wanna get in several. First up, and please I know they have been in a lot lately but they are doing a lot of good things. Cape Cod Brewery, if you are not part of the news letters and you are a beer lover, shame on you, if you enjoy local businesses doing good and don't receive the CC Beer news letter shame on you. The news this week is they are introducing what they are calling the Howler, a 32 oz 1/2 size growler. That's right, for those who are single drinkers, don't really drink a 64 oz quick enough this is for you, and me. Or if you know you will never drink 2 of the bigger brother growlers but want to get two to have a change, then this is for you. Check out the new Howler at Cape Cod Beer.
      Next is Smith Family Popcorn. There are plenty of winter camps going on and fund raisers are needed to help kids get scholarships to go. Everyone likes popcorn and Smith Family Popcorn is a local business that pops their own corn and does their own seasoning and flavors. They are not a middle man, they are the real deal. They are willing and able to help you and your group meet your goals through a popcorn fund raiser. Contact Dan Smith - Owner, or if you just have a popcorn craving, stop in to their Hyannis shop and get some to take home. Or if you can not make it over there, go on line and place and order and they will ship. To here on the Cape and anywhere else you might want it shipped. and 545 Main St, Hyannis. 
       Ok staying with the food theme is Rein's Real Baking, he only sells direct via farm markets and roadside stands. You need to be on his mailing list to know where he will be at, get on the list by emailing him at Folks if you love real home baked bread and frankly some of the best darn Rye bread you have got to try his. Per his news letter sent today 1-15-20, This Saturday we'll be at Mahoney's Garden Center Winter Market in East Falmouth, 10-1. He will have with him: For breads we'll have Caraway Rye, Swedish Limpa, Pumpernickel, Sunflower Seed, Smoked Gouda Cheese, Mediterranean Olive Ciabatta and Garlic Ciabatta.  For pastries there will be Chocolate Croissants, Blueberry Handy Pies, Ginger Chewies and Carrot Health Muffins. UPCOMING MARKETS:  Mahoney's Winter Market runs through March 7, immediately followed by the Waquoit Congregational Church Spring Farmer's Market through April 25.  In late April my Event Season starts again.  On some Saturdays when I don't have an event I'll once again set up my Roadstand at the Waquoit Church. Note: he does not do credit cards, but does accept cash and checks, (do him and yourself a favor, take cash). And he does take preorders and special orders. Folks seriously some of the best bread on the Cape if not all of New England and further. 
      Last up; Beef Jerky Outlet located in West Yarmouth across from the inflatable park on RT 28, or online at They have more kinds and types then you will find most anyplace else, of flavors and what the jerky is made from. They are open year, but on during the off season they are open Thursday through Sunday 10-6 each day. check their facebook page or website for when they go back to all week long. This stuff is good and worthy of you time to check them out. 
      That's it for this week and eat well and get from right here on old Cape Cod.
      Wow were did this last week go? I feel like we went through 3 season changes in 48 hrs over the weekend. It is changes like this that cause storm surges coupled with the Wolf Moon (January full moon) it has weird effects on the wind, weather and waves. It is said that the waters between Chatham and Provincetown were called an Ocean Graveyard and between Truro and Wellfleet over 1000 shipwrecks have been noted. It is said that many times, the call would go out that a ship had wrecked, but the winds were too strong and the tides to high to attempt any kind of rescue and by the time the tides had receded it was too late. I've told you there are times, especially when the moon is full, that it is said you can hear the wails and cries of those who have gone before us and left with unfinished business. From time to time after storms have rolled in and out and sands of time have shifted and reclaimed some that sand, remains of wrecks have been found and get exposed. But as quickly as they get revealed, the sands move back in and reclaim it for it's own. It's a haunting thought to know that out off our shores are the watery graves of hundreds if not thousands of lost lives, souls that have been called to their destiny. Many an evening the Mrs and I site out on the grounds and we believe we hear things, and in the flash of the beacon light see things that would be considered part of the paranormal, but we call on a higher belief and understand about those things, so the noises and images do not bother us. When the summer season comes around, some evening on one of our campfire gatherings you will want to check us out for more stories and information that we have to share. Well, it's getting late and I guess we should get it moving. We have several tours coming in, the majority are school kids and we want to be well rested for them. I hope you study more on shipwrecks of Cape Cod and all that has gone on over the past couple hundred year and keep your eyes open next time you are walking our beaches. Well until next time, have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      This years recipes are back to what we know best here, fish. I know that last year I did a surf & turf, and we had another year that I did shellfish. But it has been since 2012 that I did an all year fish recipes. I have to say I am pretty excited as all the recipes are new and most are with fish that can come from our local waters. This first month, I remember my mother making this several times during the month of August while we were on vacation here. It's a mild fish, and easy to make and it tastes oh so good. So for some easy makin' great tastin' fish dinner, you can't go wrong with Flounder. So let's get this show on the road and get cookin' in our Cape Cottage Kitchens.

      This week's recipe: Baked Flounder

      2      lb        flounder fillets 
      1      med    tomato
      6      slices  natural Swiss cheese
      1      can      cream of mushroom soup
              little     milk (yes that is what is says)
      2      small   onions

      About 30 minutes before serving, season both sides of flounder with seasoned salt (you pick). Place filets in a 13 x 9 plan. Cover each slice with 1 slice of tomato and 1 slice of cheese. Cover with mushroom soup mixed with a little milk and onions. Add snipped parsley if you like. Bake in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes. Serve and yum.       

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