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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Thinking Vacation Naturally & Carrot-Tomato Dish / 3--11-2020

     Well, with weather warming already to near beach temperatures, the thought can not be that far away from vacation stay time. This year, I would be calling your grandma, your folks, your friends, your in-laws, out-laws and weird-laws cause who knows what's going to be available. And I think the beach is going to be the hot spot this coming summer, were healthy salty and clean air can cleans the lungs and the sun help purify the soul. You might even want to put in that order for a boat rental or if so enabled a boat purchase. I would also start to make your plans for things that take you back to nature, and think about the rail-trails, the nature walks and hiking trails, beach combing, fishing (remember your licenses) kite flying. These are great ways to re-discover what Cape Cod is all about without blowing a budget or having to wonder about other issues. Sometimes in the face of hardship times we have to laugh a bit and find creative ways to make it through, planning your vacation, finding new ways to experience life events and places. Maybe this year is the year we get back to basics and learn how to relax, and what better place to do it, than right here on old Cape Cod.  
      Time for the small and local business report. Now sure where to start this week. With all the warm weather and the early spring the bugs and ticks will be coming out earlier. So why not start with Cape Cod All Natural Bug Repellant from Cape Cod Naturals, find them on facebookl, on line at and at local establishments. These products do work and are particularly great for those who are chemical conscience. Check them out and get protected, fort both you and your pets. 
      Staying with the all natural way, if you like your soaps, haircare, lip balms, lotions, salts and scrubs all natural, and not just for the ladies, but for you men as well and lets not forget the pets. Well check out Summer House Natural Soaps, located at 1336 Phinneys Ln, Hyannis, across the parking lot from Cape Cod Beer, or online at and also in many states at local shops. They have it if for the whole family for all your personal care. Check them out online, buy online or support another local business, near and far. 
      Or if you are looking for the all natural food mart there is Rory's Market + Kitchen, with 2 locations to service you. First is in Mashpee Commons in Mashpee right on Market Street and the other is located in Dennis Port 640 Main Street (aka Rt 28), or online at, facebook and instagram. Rory's is your go to place to go for Organic and all Natural market needs. 
      Staying with the all natural way to go, for good eats there is the Spoon and Seed located in Hyannis at 12 Thornton Dr, thats in Independence Park off Kidd's Hill Road. At this time of year they are open only Tuesday - Sunday and closed Monday,  for Breakfast and Lunch. Also find them them online at, you have to check their hours as they have set hours for breakfast, brunch and lunch, all in good fun. I have not hear a bad word about this place and nothing but raves. So they know how to it, and they do it right all naturally. The Spoon and Seed, where the natural persons loves to eat.    
      So another week has come and gone and my numbers are down. Darn new flu strain, Ok I may upset a lot of people here but I gonna say it, why cause I'm and old coot that really could care less what folks think of me sometimes. But I feel this is worth saying. in 1918 we had the Spanish Flu, in 1957-1958 we had the Asian Flu, in 1968-1969 the Hong Kong Flu, 1972-1973 the London Flue,  in 1997 Bird Flu, 2003-2004 SARS CoV Outbreak, 2009 the Swine Flu, between 2013 and 2016 Ebola, in 2015 the Indian Swine Flu, 2015-2016 Zika Virus, and these are just a smattering. My point here folks is, this is not the first time, it wont be the last. It's not time to point fingers or panic. I am hearing all kinds of stories of runs on things from hand sanitizer to toilet paper to cleaning supplies. What you folk never washed your hands before, or wiped your back sides? And cleaning supplies, most of you have not done a major spring clean in the last 10 years let along in the last 10 months if not weeks. So what gives, here at the life saving station we are doing what we have always done, practiced good healthy hygiene, both for ourselves and the facilities. We clean things on a daily basis, especially when we have groups in, young or old, does not matter. We make sure we practice healthy behaviors, as when we are feeling the onsets of illness we stay home, we do not go out and share our germs. This nation has gone ape crazy with idiot decisions and stupid panic mode decisions. Cancelling events, government shutting down areas, and the media putting a spin on this as if the world is going to end tomorrow, grow up, wise up and stop thinking stupidly. Life does not need to stop nor should it. And this old coot is going to speak out on what is wrong and the inciting of panic by the media is one of them. Really? come, let's stop listening to idiots, and start using the brains the good Lord gave all us and get some common sense going. The beacon on the top of the tower is there to help guide us through life, not to insight panic. The fog horn is there to warn us of danger, not to incite panic and fear, The lifeguards, Coast Guard, and other sea patrols are not there to insight panic but the be there if an emergency needs to be attended to, not to insight panic. Where did this all come from, the panic, we need to stop, take a deep breath and get back to living responsibly and not irrationally and get through this craziness just like we have in the past. Ok I'm off my soap box, for now, If this upsets you, maybe you need to examine yourself, are you part of the problem or part of the solution. I make no apologies for my statements here. I know the management of this blog may get a little squeamish, but really folks lets stop living in fear and fear living and start living to fight fear and to live to love life and be sensible and reasonable in our actions. Now hope you all stay healthy and mindful and may you enjoy your week, and especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.    
      So it's dinner time and you are really wanting to use some fresh veggies but what the heck is in season? It's March and for the most part, usually the ground would be hard and snow covered, (so we are in a weird year), So what is in season? I did a little research and in some parts of this country they are saying carrots and yes tomatoes. I am sure the tomatoes are hot house tomatoes but hey I will take it whatever I can get and enjoy them to the max. So what can you do with carrots and tomatoes you ask, funny you should ask cause I found this recipe just for this moment. LOL,, Ok, so I went looking for something and this is what I came up with. Back to the good old church collection cook books, some of these things are amazing and recipes that I think time has forgotten. But these are some great recipes and not only taste good but are much better than fast food any day. And really not that hard. So check it out and give it a try and hope you enjoy as much as I have. Now on with the show. 

      This week's recipe: Carrot-Tomato Dish

      4      med       carrots (whole, not baby)
   6-8      strips.    bacon
      2      Tbls       bacon drippings
      1       can       stewed tomatoes, 16 oz
   1/3       cup       sugar
      1      Tbsp      cornstarch

      Peel, slice, and cook carrots until soft and drain. Fry bacon and drain. In the same sauce pan cook the remaining ingredients until thickened. Add carrots and crumbled bacon. Pour into casserole dish. Top with buttered crumbs. Heat in oven until bubbly and crumbs are browned.        

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