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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Hanging in There. & Irish Whiskey Balls / 3-25-2020

      So another week has gone by and still we are sitting in our homes, looking out the windows wondering if this is ever going to end. For those of you who have kindergarteners, or elementary age children, you are looking out the window and trying to figure out how to escape without being noticed. Those of you with older children are starting to wonder if they are every coming out of their rooms, and at what point through the day do you dare venture into their room and rouse them out of their slumber? Now the closest thing I have ever been to something like this was the blizzard of 78-79 in central Ohio. Our schools were shut down for 2 weeks, roads were closed, businesses were closed, churches could not meet (except for my Dad who decided to hand write invitations and have me and the neighbor kids hand them out throughout the neighborhood. For the next 2 Sundays we had over 40 people come to the parsonage for service. Only thing Dad said he ever missed out of that experience was not taking an offering. Figures) We knew the storm was coming, we new it was going to be bad (just not that bad) and we survived. But we knew at that point once the snow either melted or got pushed off the roadways, out from in front of the stores all would be back to normal. This is a little different, however, the biggest question is when will it be over, when will life return to semi-normalcy, when this, when that, that is the question. Some have said there will be a baby boom in 9 months give or take, apparently those are people who have not children at this point in life. For those who have kids, have just been ensured they will have more. Life seems to be passing us by and all we can do is, sit and wait, and wait. They say work at home will be great, you can work in your jammies, or maybe dare if you must in even less. The working at home is not all that bad, I have been doing it for 8 years now, but getting out after work is what makes working at home every day tolerable. Nope ain't happening, not gonna, we even have to watch the street for no other hairy four leggeds coming down the street with their 2 legged humans taking them for walks. If someone is out in their yard, you can't go over and just talk, oh no you get to yell at them like you were at a hog calling contest. Or you might get a wave from behind a curtain as two eye peer out as if you were an alien from another planet. I know this too shall pass, like the snow, like sand from a road after a storm, like rain clouds. It all will pass and so will this too. But getting there might mean the death to us all. But what can we do, Spring is around the corner, then summer, hang on to it my friends, this too shall pass and like the flowers and leaves we will blossom and sprout out of our homes, our cottages our dwellings and come alive again. Maybe a wife missing a husband, a family a child or two, and pet minus one of their humans. But we will make it, cause if for nothing less then we are Cape Codders, We are hardy New Englanders, some more authentic than others but for overall just because. No let's make the most of if, send smoke signals to our friends down the street. Bang out a message on our drums, pots and pans, and if need yell it out our windows, that we are ok and we are going to beat this thing. Right here on old Cape Cod, and don't you forget it. See y'all seen.     
      Ok so what places am I pushing this week with nothing open, right? Well not exactly, but when you are given lemons in life, what's the saying? You make lemonade and if you need to add a shot of Tequila or Gin to it, so be it. First up Cape Cod Beer, couple things, if you did not know our find beer establishments, that means breweries, distilleries, and vineyards as well as our Liquor stores are able to be open. But please check with each establishment for their hours and to be sure they are open. Back to Cape Cod Beer, They have some new hours during this disruptive time, they are Weekdays 12 noon - 6pm Saturday-Sunday 12 noon - 4, this is a pick up and go only, Yes they are doing Growlers and Howlers, but be prepared to exchange your pot for a new one and please rinse out your old one. Next up, this weekend 3-28-2020, they are doing their Pop-Up Market but Virtually, not physically. So check out their facebook page for all the details and lets support our local merchants, this will be for each Saturday through the month of April from 12-6.
      From our folks up at Truro Vineyards & South Hollow Spirits, They just posted on Tuesday some updates on their facebook page that notes the following: Store Hours Update: At this time we have decided for the safety of our staff and customers we will be moving to CURBSIDE PICK UP only, pick up will be available Friday-Sunday 12pm-4pm, you can call us at 508-487-6200 to place an order and pay with a credit card over the phone, we will package your order up and bring it out to the car for you! Thank you for your continued support during this ever changing time! Stay healthy and safe! 
      Don't forget that if you do not want to be out and about, most of the local beer and wine sale shops sell both, as well as Barnstable Brewery Beer, they too have just posted updated hours and the following: Hey, Cape Cod! Brewery Hours this week for “TO GO” BEER sales: THURS, 3/26, 4-7PM, FRI, 3/27, 4-7PM, SAT, 3/28, 12-4PM, SUN, 3/29, 12-4PM. Stay tuned to their facebook page for updates. 
      The other thing I wanted to push this week was the local restaurants that have chosen to stick it out and stay open. You would have gone out anyway, now just call ahead, place the online order and either have delivered or go pick it up and take it home and enjoy. These folks are front like, so if you are able to, go, and support them in anyway you can. 
      Well another wonderful week of wonky balls in the whalers room, with Whiskers the cat and Whiskey my dog. Ok so there is no cat around here, but I thought it sounded good. But seriously this old koot is about to loose his marbles, y'all know I never sit long in one place let along stand still ever. Now to be told I have another 2 weeks of all this. Yes I get it, I have heard it all from the Mrs, to my preacher, to you name the person, still does not make it any easier, But it is what it is. So what am I really doing? Well first of all, the work at home thing, well that's not a big deal, this is where I work all the time. I still need to take and keep the weather readings, I still need to be sure the light in the lamproom is working properly, be sure old foggy is working, now that spring is getting closer will need to get the painting done, and whatever else needs to be done around this place. But what I miss are the kids, and the old folks in the tour buses. I miss being about to go about my business as usual. But it is what it is. You see it's not just you, it's all of us. But I know this too will pass and I want to see more of you then less so let's stick this thing out together, and ride the wave to the end as far as it will take us. and beat this land shark back to here it came from. Still nothing happening at the beach. Oh just a quick note, our town leaders are not as crazy as some and have not closed our beaches. This is not Florida and spring break, this is March, ain't no one going swimming and there is plenty of space for their stinking social distancing. And as the temperatures rise, get those windows open get out in the fresh air and get active. I think that will do more to help beat this thing than staying pack inside with stale air and inactive, depressing people and situations. Other than this crazy blog thing, I really don't do a lot of social media and I limit my new watching, I would suggest the same, you will find it makes for a much happier life. Use this old gal of a light tower and beacon to be your guiding light and your strength. I'm not going to get overly religious here, but one truly might take this time to take inventory of your faith and what really is important. There may be some things we all could change in our lives while rediscovering some of those things that made us strong long ago. Kind of like what this place it build on, that firm foundation. I have to remind myself of this, and more at times like this, instead of so much complaining about what I can't do and maybe appreciate what I can. Ok folks that's enough from the krazy koot in the life saving station. Try to make the best of all you have and as soon as we are all released, come see us here on old Cape Cod, I will keep the light on for us all.      
      My favorite kind of cookie balls I have to admit are boozy balls. Over the years I have acquired a taste for Irish Whiskey, where early on in life I wanted nothing to do with it. When my Mother introduced me to cooking, the first things I would make are cookies, cakes and pies. As my father was a pastor, he chose not to have alcohol in the house, not that he felt it was "sinful" to partake of as many more conservative Baptist pastor did during his time. But as he said, he just never acquired a taste for any alcohol, and felt that in that profession it was wiser to err on the side of caution then give the wrong impression. So we just never did. Needless to say I do not hold to that practice and enjoy different spirits of all kinds. I do however understand that excess is not acceptable either in the church or outside the church and as there are some concerns of alcoholism somewhere in the family tree, I try to be cognitive of how much and how ofter I consume. As someone once taught me, the day and time I need a drink is the time I need to put the cap back on and put the bottle back on the shelf. I may want something, but that is a far cry form needing something. I have put the put the bottle back on the shelf many a times, and a couple days later come back to it and enjoyed what I was consuming, because I did not "need" it but was able to just enjoy it. I know this is not the cocktail week, but desert week, and not sure why I felt the necessity to share that, but if it helps, cool, if you can share it with someone else, great, otherwise, let's get on with the cookie ball rolling and enjoy some wicked wonderful delights. 

      This Weeks Recipe: Irish Whiskey Balls. 
      1      cup       dark chocolate chocolate chip
      3      cups     vanilla wafers
      1      cup       Irish Whiskey (use the good stuff please)
      3      cups     powdered sugar
      1      tsp        molasses
1 1/2      cups     crossly chopped nuts, (walnuts or pecans)
      1      cup       granulated sugar

      Grind, Crumble or Crush, together chocolate chips, and vanilla wafers, (put chips in refrigerator for a while before doing this as they will crush mush easier) best to use a food processor or food processor, Don't over do as heat from blades and motor will start to melt chocolate. Add powdered sugar and mix till combined. Add Irish Whiskey and corn syrup and process until crumbs form a mass. Add nuts and pulse until nuts are dispersed throughout the mixture. Form 1 inch balls, PLace sugar in shallow bowl and roll balls in sugar. Store in wax paper lined airtight container in a cool dry place. To really let balls develop in flavor allow to sit for a few days before eating.   

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