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Friday, February 28, 2020

Spiced Friday // 2-28-2020

Spiced Friday EveryOne
Oh happy day, it’s a blessed Paradise Friday morning, with radiance of the sun rising in the east and filling the sky with its goodness, Can I get an Amen. There’s a tingle in my fingers and a tingle in my feet, cause the rhythm of life is a powerful beat, (from an old choral piece of music) It’s Friday and I just want to sing, Sing, SING. Aren’t you glad you are not my neighbor? LOL. But what can I say? It has been a long week, and I am happy to be here and looking for a good day. So come with me on the last jaunt, the last strides, round the final turn and a dash for the cash, the final minutes of the 4th quarter or the 9th inning. We are going to end of the regular work week. So pack your bags and load up the backpack, we have got a destination to meet. So the theme of the week, you ask, they are all different types of RUM, yum the good libation, liquid spirit, and the list goes on.Yo ho-ho and a bottle of Rum. Let's go, now Paradise Friday is here and the train is pulling out in 8 or less hours, are you ready, I said ARE YOU READY,,, than let’s get it on and get it going and let’s do it with a smile and a cheer right to the end. Have a great and wonderful all weekend long. Don’t forget, none are to be left behind, if someone is in true need, stop and help and to all the others bring them along. And have a most Happy, Happy all day and weekend long.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
Floral Design Day
National Chili Day
Public Sleeping Day
National Tooth Fairy Day
Floral Design Day
Girl Scout Cookie Weekend: 28-3/1 Link  (Note: Used to be a Day event on First Friday in Feb.)
National Customized Wheel and Tire Day: 28
*National Tooth Fairy Day: 28  Link   Link  (Not August 22)
Shabbat Across America/Canada: 28  Link
Skip The Straw Day: 28  Link (4th Friday)
Tartar Sauce Day: 28  Link (First Friday after Lent Begins)
US Snow Shoe Days: 28
National Surf & Turf Day - 29
Leap Day -2020 is a Leap Year!!! It's once every four years - 29
Open That Bottle Night - 29
International Sword Swallowers Day - 29
International Tongue Twister Day - 29
Open That Bottle Night - 29
Rare Disease Day - 29
Bachelor's Day - 29
International Underlings Day - 29
National Time Refund Day - 29
Saliolum - 29
Superman's Birthday - 29 (Per Action Comics @149)

National Fruit Compote Day - 3/1
Namesake Day - 3/1
National Pig Day - 3/1
Peace Corps Day - 3/1
World Compliment Day - 3/1
Asiatic Fleet Memorial Day - 1
Baby Sleep Day - 1
Breast Implant Illness Awareness Day - 1 
Dadgum That's Good Day - 1
Daughters' and Sons' Day - 1 
Endometriosis Day or Wear Yellow Day - 1
Finisher's Medal Day - 1
National Black Women in Jazz & The Arts Day - 1
National Horse Protection Day - 1
Orthodox Forgiveness Sunday (Cheesefare Sunday) - 1
Plan a Solo Vacation Day - 1
Refired, Not Retired Day - 1
Saint David's Day - 1
Self-injury Awareness Day - 1
Zero Discrimination Day - 1
Celebrate Your Name Week: 1-7 
Hearing Awareness Week: 1-7 
LGBT Health Awareness Week: 1-7 
National Cheerleading Week: 1-7
National Consumer Protection Week:  1-7 
National Ghostwriters Week: 1-7
National Dental Assistants Recognition Week: 1-7  
National Invest in a Veteran Week: 1-7  
National Pet Sitters Week: 1-7 
National Procrastination Week:  1-7
National Schools Social Work Week: 1-7  
National Words Matter Week:  1-7 
National Write A Letter of Appreciation Week: 1-7
Read an E-Book Week: 1-7 
Return The Borrowed Books Week:  1-7
Save Your Vision Week: 1-7 
Telecommuter Appreciation Week: 1-7  
Universal Human Beings Week: 1-7 
Will Eisner Week: 1-7 
Women in Construction Week: 1-7  
Women of Aviation Worldwide Week: 1-8

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