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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Dark Thursday // 2-27-2020

Dark Thursday EveryOne
Thunderous thrashing Thursday has tamely twinkled its way into our morning without much ta-do about it.  We have made it over the hump of Wednesday and are now slowly gathering speed as we head down the mountain towards our way to Friday. So may the claps of thunder and quakes that can shake the earth stay far away today and may the sun shine down on your journey throughout the day. Happy to be here, you bet, anything exciting to share, just another day in life to experience all that is good and to help make a difference. Some days are good to experience in the now and present without a lot of fanfare. So with that thought, not much else to be said, just seek the sun and its warmth and be a reflection of its brightness. See someone in true need, stop and help, and to everyone else give thanks for all that is good. And may you have a most blessed Happy, Happy of days.
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances;
National Strawberry Day
National Kahlua Day
National Protein Day
Polar Bear Day
No Brainer Day 
Anosomia Awareness Day
Digital Learning Day
International Toast Day
National Chili Day
National Retro Day
World NGO Day
National Money Show: 27-29

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