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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

No Cookies, and More & a Zombie Cocktail / 2-5-2020

    Long hours, longer days and even longer weeks, since the first of the year. Things that unfortunately I can not go into as I do not talk about work in my blogs, or on social media unless it's my art work or my own personal business, which I have nothing going on right now. At least the sun is now showing life at 6:30 am and is last light is 5:30 pm. That means I actually can start to see light when I get into my office, but still working on seeing light when I get out. Good thing my commute is as short as it is, about 15 steps from my bed to my office. Then I take the express way (my hall way) to retrieve my coffee that is pre-programed to come on automatically. Yes that part of my life is easy, it's the rest that is complicated to the max. I try to leave Friday's without overtime work and try not to go into the office over the weekend, unless I need a new package of TP which I keep in the office closet. (Yes I buy that bulk and keep the overflow in that closet, it's cheaper that way) I know some folks think that all folk that live on the Cape retired rich folk. Please stop me from laughing so hard. Or that those who own homes on the Cape only live here during the summer and winter in Florida or Arizona. Well, wrong on both accounts, here, I am a past the middle age point now, over indebted, tired, person who is working to make it till I retire before I die and try to enjoy some kind of life in between. Welcome to the real Cape Cod Life. One of the problems of living this kind of life is that one does not get to the store the way one likes too. Thus creating a major dilemma when one is hungry for cookies. Now since I don't eat a lot of cookies I don't keep them in the house often. I have a a cookie mix in the pantry to make cookies but I normally don't want to wait for them to bake and who wants to start baking at 10:45 at night. Now I have some left over vanilla wafers from making a crust for cheesecake, but nilla wafers just don't cut it when you want chocolate chip cookies, or Oreo's or Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Cookies. See if I did not work so late, or I worked outside the house I could stop on the way home and pick some up. I think I will do without and stay with being a work-at-home kind of person thanks. Besides I don't need calories, or the extra sugar in my diet. So a few nilla wafers it is, a couple gummy bears, watch the news and off to bed, and we do it all again tomorrow. Life on the Cape is such blast, Ok when the weather is nice and warm and late spring through late autumn, you got it, but life is still life. The bills still need paid, the laundry still needs done, and either the lawn needs mowed or the driveway shoveled. So before you start dreaming to big about living on Cape Cod, maybe a week of the summer fun is a better option and keep your dreams alive, instead of moving here only to find its not the lap of luxury you really thought. Would not change where I live for much, but I do believe in spreading a little reality every now and then. Now think I am stuck in the house all the time, I have worship team/choir rehearsal, mens Bible Study Group, continuing education class at the church, church services, and many other things. And so many friends to be part of, I am so blessed, so here is to life on the Cape, both the reality and the fun. Well that's it for another week, now on with the real reason for this blog, business information, some old dude I really don't know how he ended up being apart of this thing, and a good recipe. Have a great and wonderful and especially i you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.   
      So it's time for another addition to the local business report. I guess if you have not heard yet, the old Benny's building located on Rt 28 in Dennisport appears to have a new tenant, Big Lots. Now I am very familiar with these are they come out of Columbus, Ohio. The company is a good company and has done well supporting the local communities they are in. And I truly think they are different enough from the other discount stores on the Cape that they can coexist. I know this is not small or local based, but it is bringing jobs back to an area that needs them, and will also help boost the traffic for the other businesses in downtown DennisPort. This is a win win situation for those of us in the Dennises. 
      On a sad note, Our friends at the Orleans Hallmark shop the Cape House, have chosen that it is time to pack it in. Having my wife's sister and her in-laws in that business till a couple years ago, I can understand more on the business side why the shops just are not making it any more. It is sad as that is were I bought all my Christmas ornaments, our card needs from birth to birthday than graduation cards. Congratulations and sympathy cards, and everything in between. But no more, Alan H, we will miss you and your shop, and we hope that you know we will miss you sorely. Good luck to your future.
      Now for some fun news, I have to admit I really like Hog Island Beer, so the thought of going to Jailhouse Tavern is very alluring. They are located at 28 West Road in Orleans right in front of Hog Island Brewery. They open at 11:30 and are open for lunch and dinner. For the winter they are closed Monday and Tuesday but open the rest of the week. So got stop in at the brewery first then over to the Tavern for some good eats. 
      Men, Now if after all the holiday festivities and the super bowl parties you find yourself having packed it in a bit and are in need of some new threads. Or if you have actually have stuck to your guns and are keeping with that workout regiment and have lost in all the right places and put on in all the right places and need to change gears with wardrobes, you will want to check out Watson's Menswear. Or ladies if you need to spruce up your mans closet, this is the place. Located at 34A Main St, in Orleans, great parking in the town lot behind the building. Ok Hole-in-one for breakfast, a good work out, then to Watson's to get the new treads before you trip down over to Hog Island and Jailhouse Tavern. All there in Orleans. So Watson's you think it's just an old mans shop, check again, they are up to date with coastal wear, but they can also fulfill your formal wear as well. And yes if you are in a business or job that still requires a good suit, they can help you there as well. Give them a chance, check em out, and find they are a place for the everyday man, both weekdays as well as weekend days. Open Monday - Saturdays 9-5 or online at          
      So, it's the middle of winter, there is no snow on the ground, who would have thunk this, been a while by my standard, but I have to admit I'm not complaining at all. Being out here on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean there are not that many lights to pollute the skies. After my duties of doing checking the tower and making sure the beacon is working and the fog horn is ready and able, after the readings and registering of the weather statistic, and at the end of the rounds of the grounds, the Mrs and I enjoy going out to the lookout point and (hey, hey, hey, this is a family show here, none of that stuff here, and if you think I would share that you are gravely mistaken,,,, maybe) anyway we take a could folding chairs out there and just enjoy star gazing. On many occasions we have seen shooting stars, or meteors passing close to the atmosphere, and even once in a while seeing one brake through and really light up the sky with a wicked show. If we are going to be out there for a while I might take one of my favorite pipes and just enjoy an evil pleasure with a dram of scotch or bourbon. Besides I won't do it in the house section and for many reason can't do it in any of the other buildings. They are public buildings and we keep them as they need to be. But anyway, as I have mentioned before we have also see a few ghost ships and many a wondering spirit drifting across a lifeless sea, with nothing more than a reflection of moon to light the wintery skies and enhance the blackness of the seas depths. But with no winds and no snow, it's really quite enjoyable out there. Good time to reflect on the days happenings and sort out what needs to happen the next 24 hours. Well, It's getting late around here. You do know that the young reporter dude has moved on, instead they just gave me one these dang gone computer things and said if I wouldn't mind to just go to it. I tend to babble more than he did, but as long as I have someone to listen to a story or two, or me complaining about what's happening out here, I guess I will still to this, at least for a while longer, or the good Lord calls me home. I wish that young man all the good luck and many blessings on his journey through life. Well, until next time, have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.       
      Well week one of a new month is upon us and we all know that means, Cocktail week. I make it sound like I have an endless bounty of libations flowing from a home bar. Well truth be told, no I do not. I buy occasionally and although have built a nice little variety of spirits, there are some bottles in the closet that have not either been used in years while others have not been opened at all and are over 3 years plus old. I had a friend of mine that once told me, if you are reaching for the bottle with the mindset of I NEED a drink, take your hand off the bottle, close the door and leave it there. If you can't, you need help and you need to clean out the stock. However there is nothing wrong with enjoying something now and then when you want to, or are just in the mood for something to tickle your palate or enjoy with a friend. I am not a tea totaler, but I am not a bottle hugger either. I come from a very religious family (figures with my Dad being a Baptist Pastor), although my Father did not drink or keep in the house, he did not condemn those who enjoyed and felt there was no condemnation for those who chose to do it responsibly. Dad always said we make donkeys out of ourselves enough without putting something into us that will only help us get there quicker and more stupidly. Ok Im a preachers kid (I prefer T.O. Theological Offspring) and have had my rebellious moments and have more than likely a bit more than I should have. But I have chosen to find a control of subject and do in moderation today and enjoy myself then make myself more of a mule than I need to. Besides I don't have the money to blow on lots of that stuff anyway. So many of the cocktails I choose, are those that look fun to me, or that i have actually had at one time or another. Just wanted to clear the air lest someone mistook my inquisitiveness with spirits and mixology. So with all that, this is giving me a headache and maybe I do need something, well if I did, tonight I might end up like Zombie, now on with the show, and please be a responsible host and consumer.

      This weeks cocktail: a Zombie

      1      oz      light rum
      1      oz      dark rum
   1/2      oz      creme de almond
   1/2      oz      triple sec
                        sweet and sour mix
                        orange juice
   1/2      oz      151 rum

      Pour light rum, dark rum, creme de almond and triple sec into an ice-filled hurricane glass. Almost-fill with equal parts of sweet and sour and orange juice. Top with 151 rum. serve unstirred and with a larger straw.

      Now remember there are variations upon variations of many cocktails, this is one of them. So go google it, I did not mention the brand that this is a lot of times made with, cause honestly if you enjoy another brand of rum,, hey use it, don't get stuck drinking the same thing and miss out on some interesting differences between brands and what it can do to enhance your beverage experience. 

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