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Friday, December 6, 2019

Jingle Juice Friday / 12-6-19

Jingle Juice Friday EveryOne
So it is Friday, and time to get that jig out of your foot and do a little dance or a put a jog in your step. Maybe a shake where you would normally rattle and the let your rock roll. (you see you shake rattle and roll, oh my). Let’s get out the tringler and fuzzles and dafflers and wuzzles and someone please toot on a horn for today there’s a party just waiting to happen, a party of celebration. Is it as big as old Christmas, I’d day pretty not but we have made it right to the end. So time to get hats and time to get cake and just about time for little drinks with umbrellas, but to get there we need to end strong. So put down the peddle, and step up the pace I don’t want to be late for the Friday Paradise party. (thank you Dr Suess for a little help on words). I hope all of you have a fun and fantastic day and weekend, work hard and party harder and we will see you all back her we hope in one piece come the day after the day after tomorrow. Oh, before I forget the theme for this week, they are all names of Christmas Punches according to Remember we all need help sometime so if you come on one in true need lend a hand, and to all the others rooty toot, toot a grand old hello. And may you and yours have a wonderful Happy, Happy all day and weekend long.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Gazpacho Day
National Microwave Oven Day
National “Cook for Christmas” Day
St. Nicholas Day
Mitten Tree Day
Put on your own Shoes Day
Faux Fur Friday
Miners' Day
Mitten Tree Day
National Pawnbrokers Day
National Salesperson Day
St. Nicholas Day

National Cotton Candy Day - 7
Ferry Floss Day(Great Britain) - 7
International Civil Aviation Day - 7
Letter Writing Day - 7
Pearl Harbor Day - 7
Earmuff Day or Chester Greenwood Day - 7
National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - 7
National Play Outside Day - 7
National Rhubarb Vodka Day - 7
Skywarn Recognition Day - 7

National Brownie Day - 8
International Children's Day - 8
Take it in the Ear Day - 8
Bartender Appreciation Day - 8
AFL-CIO Day- 8
Bodhi Day - 8 [Traditional]
National Day of Lard- 8
Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day- 8
Worldwide Candle Lighting Day - 8
World Choral Day- 8 
World Pear Day - 8


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