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Friday, December 27, 2019

Fraser Friday / 12-27-19

Fraser Friday EveryOne
   Well Friday attack is here, and paradise Friday exit seems so far away, but we are here have survived another week and in just hours we will be able to relax again. This week being one of the more unusual ones I have done in a while but at least for now in hind sight not the worst. The sky this morning is void of wet stuff coming out of the sky and the stillness of night turning to day has begun. I am thankful for another opportunity to view the beauty of creation and the unveiling of her darkened cloak of night. Into her glorious reflection of color. As we push forward through today into our weekend may we not forget yesterday’s celebration and may we carry it with us for the next 364 days. Have a great and glorious day and weekend and may your heart be filled with joy and your steps be light as feathers to our journeys end. This weeks theme has been, Different kinds of Christmas Fir Trees, Ho, ho, ho and all that kind of stuff. Remember if you come on one in true need, lend a hand, and to all others let the light of the sun reflect your most inward beauty with a smile that would darken the sun. And may you have a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
National Fruitcake Day
Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day
Free Balloon Day
Howdy Doody Day
Visit The Zoo Day

National Box of Chocolates Day - 28
Card Playing Day - 28
Holy Innocents Day - 28
Endangered Species Act Day - 28
National Chocolate Day - 28 & 29
Pledge of Allegiance Day - 28
Short Film Day- 28

National “Get on the Scales” Day - 29
National Pepper Pot Day - 29 (love this stuff, cant find any more)
Tick Tock Day - 29
YMCA Day - 29

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