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Monday, December 30, 2019

Good Grapes Monday / 12-30-19

Good Grapes Monday EveryOne
Well good and happy morning to you, what a week we are about to have. The last couple of days to the old then we welcome in the new. As the sun rises and gives its new light for the day I hope you are looking forward to the moon setting on this old year and putting it to bed and looking forward to the sun rising for the new year. I am excited to already hear birds and squirrels chattering back and forth to each other in excitement for the new day outside my office window. No we just need to wrap up and box up these last couple days put a good bow on it and send 2019 off with a bang. Let’s keep our focus on what is needed to get done what we need while the anticipation of the new is all about. So as you go through your day these next 2 days let's set our eyes on the mountain peak and put a good step forward and get this trail conquered and this part of the journey completed. Now may you have a most wonderful day and may by your trail be easy and clear of thickets and may your steps go quickly. Remember along the way if you come on one in true need lend a hand and to all others that cross your path greet with great enthusiasm. And may your day be nothing short of a most Happy, Happy when all is said and done.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances;
National Bicarbonate of Soda Day
Baking Soda Day
National Bacon Day (real one was August 31)
Falling Needles Family Fest Day
No Interruptions Day


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