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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Grand Marnier Wednesday / 11-13-19

Grand Marnier Wednesday EveryOne
Happy wacky Wednesday to all and may the willies and whilies of this what could be wayward day not weird you out. Yes folks that is right we are halfway through this bumpy week and it is about time we get over this hump and dump the blues and move on over to the other side, where wonderful way out wonders are bound to withstand any weirdness. Wanna join me? The journey is only 4 more up to the top of the mountain and then we start our journey down. Yes it has been a long week already but let’s continue to make the best of it. We still have some to go and the best is yet to come. So grab a hand and bring someone along with you, the more the merrier at the top at the mini bar, have a mini celebration than push for the final stretch. We can, we will make it, and we will do it in style. Have a great and awesome filled day. Along the way we will come upon some that are in true need, and we will stop to lend a hand, and to all the rest whether they join us or not will give them a smile of greeting to match no other. And through all this may you have a most Happy, happy all day long.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Indian Pudding Day
Feast of St. Diego Alacala
Caregiver Appreciation Day
Sadie Hawkins Day
World Kindness Day
GIS Day (Geographic Information Systems)
International Pathology Day

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