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Friday, November 8, 2019

Fort Peck Friday / 11-8-19

Fort Peck Friday EveryOne
Well my eyelids are up higher than the sun this morning and my feet are moving quicker than the wind is blowing, which is reality is a good thing. Leaves outside my window may be drawing to the end but I will enjoy what little color is left every minute I have to look at them. It is a wonderful day in the neighborhood and I am going to rejoice and give thanks. Has it been a stellar week, well it might have been but just not in the direction for jubilation. So to celebrate its end is a wonderful thing. Now let us set our course for the day and with all due diligence put the hammer to the floor, drop the sails to gather all wind, lace up the shoes for the run or anything else to maximize your efforts to get going and let’s get a move on it. We have a party to attend and it is not going to wait for us. Work hard, work efficiently and do your best and stand tall and proud at the end. So let's get this theme out of the way before some of you just freak out about it (LOL being funny) We all know most of the first 15 major lakes in the USA but do we know 5 our of the next 7? Well now you do. And we will celebrate the accomplishment together at the end of the day at Paradise Friday Party. Now if you cross someone in true need, help them and to all others give a hearty smile. And may your day and all weekend be a most happy, happy will the end. Until next week,,,,
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holiday & Observances:
National Harvey Wallbanger Day
Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day - 8 or 9
Dunce Day
Abet and Aid Punsters Day
Intersex Day of Remembrance
National Parents As Teachers Day
National S.T.E.M./S.T.E.A.M. Day
Shakespeare Authorship Mystery Day
X-ray Day

National Scrapple Day - 9
Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day - 9
Chaos Never Dies Day - 9
Birth of The Bab - 9
Domino Day - 9
Carl Sagan Day - 9
Kristallnacht: 9-10
Mawlid Al Nabi - 9
Microtia Awareness Day - 9
Milad un Nabi - 9
National Child Safety Council Day - 9
World Freedom Day - 9

Forget-Me-Not Day - 10
USMC Day - 10
American Frog Day - 10
Area Code Day - 10
International Accounting Day - 10
NET Cancer Awareness Day - 10
Sesame Street Day - 10
Windows Day - 10
World Science Day for Peace and Development - 10
Geography Awareness Week: 10-16
National Nurse Practioner's Week: 10-16
Perioperative Nurse Week: 10-16
National Split Pea Soup Week: 10-16
Snowcare For Troops Awareness Week: 10-16
World Kindness Week: 10-16
National Book Awards Week: 10-16

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