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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Are We There Yet & Tahiti Beef / 11-20-19

      So are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet? So often we associate this with our kids or remember ourselves just wanting to get to our cottage and ultimately onto the beach. But as I got older and the same happened with my kids, they did not ask how much longer but there was that pine and ocean smell that is unique to the Cape. We would finally get into Massachusetts and it was like magic and everyone knew that the next sign would be the bridge, then the rotary and finally that stretch between exits 1 and 9 that seems to just go on and one. Then all of a sudden over the Bass River, through the woods to, wait a minute wrong story, although it was grandma's cottage we were going to, only both realized my Dad's second wife Ollie as being the one to go see. She was a saint and love our kids as if they were her own blood grandkids. Now that we are grown, are we there yet now comes with so many things, and for me its the ultimate question with my kitchen remodel, as we are done to one day left with the electrician who will hopefully be done by the time most of you read this, and the plumber who we are praying just gets here so I can cook my turkey in my own oven. So much, yet so little. I feel like the bridge was an hour ago, and the rotary, well ain't there no more, no more, no more, we just hit the road Jack. Oh wait a minute there we go getting off exits we don't need to go. But it is coming down to the end. Unlike or stays on the Cape we never wanted them to end. As a kid I was blessed to be here for the entire month of August, funny we started this project the second week in August. Then as I got older and had my own family and got a real job and discover not everyone gets a month of vacation, yikes that was hard to swallow, but a week was all I had, and really never wanted to leave. Now my poor contractor can't wait till he can wake up and his truck does not automatically just self drive itself to my house. LOL. We are good friends, but this has turned into even a bigger project than he ever thought. But soon the rest of the tools will be picked up, like the floats, pals and flippers and be put away. All the little stuff will be cleaned and put back the way they were before we started this trip and we will move on down the road to continue life were we left it, or put it on hold back in August. Just a little cooler, a lot more in debt, but a really cool kitchen with more function, better insulation, and walls that I know are not going to fall down. Something you would not have expected in a house built in 1971. So although this road has been longer than planned, I am still here on Cape Cod, I don't have to pack the care with my stuff and drive it back to another house. I get to just move stuff around, figure out how to pay off the debt and enjoy being able to go to the beach, even in November/December and enjoy the sunsets and quite laps of waves as they gently wash up along the shoreline. As a kid, I always had to say good by to Cape Cod, now I am always saying good morning Cape Cod, past work what do we have in store today. I hope you are able to enjoy the Cape at some time of the year, I hope that if it is your dream to live here that your dreams come true. But I hope you always look forward to each and every day, and live it to the fullest, and when you can take advantage of your opportunities, that you can both afford to do them, or work through it to make it happen. Cape Cod has been one of those dreams come true for me. May you have a great and wonderful, wherever you're at, but if you can do it here on the Cape may it be a most wicked awesome time, part or full. See you soon.   
      Time for that small business or local business report. I changing from small to local biz I don't want to miss something or someone just because I have to fit them into a box. But now is the time to get it going. 
      First up is a company I have gotten to use in the remodeling of my home. I was going to go off Cape for my counter tops, but I was not happy with the end cost out of the big box stores, and the other big issue with all other stores off Cape was the time for delivery. I looked around the Cape, asked a few questions and other folks and ended up at Granite World Inc, now located at 202 Queen Anns Road, Harwich. They used to be in located in Hyannis. When they came in to scribe my contractor was here to let them in. I asked what he thought and was very impressed with the time they took and the thoroughness of what they did. What was better is that installation was done just one week later to the day. Again their guys who came to install were professional and courteous. They called before they came, were actually a bit early and were in and out in little time. And my one wall is nearly 13 feet long. My walls and floor are not the flattest and have uneveness in them that have presented some real challenges in getting a flat surface to work with. Also the length needed to be split. They told my contractor where it was, then asked me to find it, it took me some time but even when I did it was hardly noticeable and is in a place that will be hidden anyway. And the price, was half of that of my off Cape prices. So hats off and if you need at this time they have a wicked Black Friday sale going on so check out their website at and tell them CapeCod Rockhopper sent you. Oh and I did not get a discount for writing this up, and I doubt they even know that I am doing this. Great jobs need shared and that is just what I am doing. Thank you Granite World. 
      Just a quick blurb here,,, Last week was Wine Tasting at Kappy's of Hyannis, what a fantastic time and what an offering of wines to try. I will have to say I am liking wines from Portugal more and more. The guy does an awesome job and know his stuff and knows how to present them. This week is their fall Grand Whiskey Tasting, this Saturday 11-23 from 3 - 5. I enjoy wine, but I love whiskey, scotch, rye, bourbon, just make you want to go YUMM. So if your able see you there. 
      One of my off season favorites is the Naked Oyster Restaurant, located at 410 Main St, Hyannis or online at or find on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. Their food is outstanding, their oysters even better and especially on dollar Wednesdays. They are open for lunch and dinner and the wife really likes their clam chowder, and that is saying something as we like her recipe better than anyone out there. So for her to like someone else's is saying a lot. Make sure you get signed up for their emails, and like their facebook page to stay up with events and specials going on. For a great off season lunch or brunch check them out and have a wicked wonderful time.    
      Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, said the old man from the top of the lighthouse, making sure that there were no turkeys taking refuge up on the cat walk around the lamp room. And before you tell me turkeys can't fly, well you don't know turkeys. Now they are not long flighted birds, but they do fly and prefer to sleep in the rafters of trees. And when they come out and down, especially in a group, sound more like a Hewy Helicopter than a flock of birds coming in for a landing. And I really don't care for them leaving their duty all over the cat walk. But they are part of the scenery up here at the light house station, so we deal with them, just like we do the coyotes, foxes and other critters that roam the cliffs and dunes of Cape Cod. So why am I talking about critters and feathers and not sea faring tails? Well this time of year there is not much happening on the high seas. Oh there are the usual cargo ships, a cruise ship or two heading south now days. We do have a small pocket of fisherman and women that are still that are going out and taking in what they can including delicious Cape Cod scallop and oysters. But as the normal sport fish have taken up the streams that go south so have most of the recreational boaters. So there is not that much to report on. If there is you all will be the first to know. Also, other than just drab, dreary, cold and ucky out, there has not been much happening here. The crowds have been mixed on the Thanksgiving holiday festivities but that has been mostly do to weather issues. But they will stay up through Thanksgiving weekend, then we pray for decent weather and do a fast turnaround so that we are ready to go the first weekend in December. Yup all hands on deck would be helpful. Well, weather, and turkeys are the story at the lighthouse this week. Ok so the Mrs is starting to do her holiday baking and the house and grounds are filled with those wonderful smells. Maybe that is what is calling all the rest of the wildlife to the area. Well that's going to be it for this week. Next week will be busy, and we encourage you to stop out and see the Thanksgiving decorations before they change. Now I pray you all have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.      
      So this i the last of the turf recipes for this year, another one of my newer, old social group cook books. I love sharing these recipes that are tried and true and have stood the test of time. Some have been a little more challenging than others but hey a little hard work in the kitchen never hurt anyone. But for the most part, there is nothing weird in these recipes. They are straight up, simple ingredients, and most can be found in the average kitchen, and yes even a Cape Cottage Kitchen. But as I have advised always go over your recipes before you dive into making it just to be sure you have it all together. Can't tell you the number of times I have not heeded my own words and gotten caught without the most simplest of ingredients and have to make the mad dash to the store. But we all learn and live for another day in the kitchen. So check your list and pantries twice and make sure you recipe is nice and hot and enjoy this wonderful change up to go old beef. It's what's for the Holidays. Now on with the show:

      This week's recipe: Tahiti Beef

1 1/2      lbs       sirloin, cubed
   1/4      cup      oil
      1      med     onion, chopped
      2      tsp       soy sauce
      1      can      pineapple chunks,  drained (save juice)
      1      tsp       vinegar
      1      cup      celery, chopped
      1      sml      cucumber, sliced 
      1      lrg        tomato, cut in wedges
      1      med     green pepper, sliced

      Brown meat in oil, (lightly season if you wish). Add onion and brown with meat. Add soy sauce, pineapple syrup, and vinegar. Summer 20 minutes. Add pineapple chunks, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. Heat thoroughly (about 10 to 15 minutes) Serve hot over rice.      


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