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Monday, July 5, 2021

Long time

 Long time since last blog, the owner and publisher of my primary regional E-Newspaper pasted away. Then the pandemic set in, and the list goes on, including loosing my job as my department got shipped to another country to do my work cheaper after 34 years. But it is what it is and that is big biz, they need to cut costs somewhere, and I get that, don't have to like it but I get it. I'm an older employee that knows to much, for too much money, so I and most of my department all well seasoned people either have or will be displaced. I have been painting a lot, (see either on facebook at The Art of Stephen Gimmi or on wix at Not sure when the blogs will come back, as the good new is new job with USPS starts 7-6-21 and until I get done with training and see where things are going, need to lay low. But I am still around and still breathing. Hope you all are made it through the pandemic without much todo about it. It's fairly over with in the USA and we need to move on now. Those who have been out of work time to get back and time for the government to stop all the hand outs. If I, at age 60 can get off my gludeus maximus and get a job when I should be looking forward to retirement and get a job, so can 95% of the rest of the world. Don't talk to me about aches and pains, I have them, go back and read some of my posts from 2016 and the multiple back surgeries I had. I get, could be much easier to sit around, but I have pride, I have morals, I have respect and I can't stand not being productive, even if I am not making as much as I was, or can be being on unemployment. Time to get moving and do what is right.  

Ok off of my soap box, I have so many new recipes it's not funny, also my cookbook collection has grown ridiculously larger. Thus so much more to learn and have fun trying new things. Been involved with Crypto currency and was doing fine, till this past weekend by hacked and taken for everything, not funny, but working with my platform group to track down and recover what we can. I'm not in the 6 or 7 figure range but someone with limited income and resources it hurts and not a little. My suggestion, even if you have a little bit, get an off line wallet to store your funds. Just majorly sucks that's all.

Well that's it's for now, Have a great and wonderful and be thankful everyday spent looking at the topside of the turf and not at the underside. 

Stephen D Gimmi


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