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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Cactus Juice Thursday Morning / 7-2-2020

Cactus Juice Thursday Morning EveryOne
  Ok folks this is it, the last of the last at least for the near future. Thank you all of my faithful readers, have a great and wonderful each and every day on your journey through this wild and crazy life. 
      And happy start of a long weekend today, what a day, what a week. Paradise Friday on a Thursday, even better than a Monday. The sun is up and already bringing warmth to this part of the earth, The dew on the grass is sparkling like little gems all across the lawn and the sounds of birds and squirrels can be heard from tree tops. If I was in Oklahoma I would have to sing. But I am not, so I will spare you this morning, as I am not sure that my bucket is in tune this morning. So as we lift our eyes up this morning in praise for another day, may we also do that this weekend as we celebrate our country’s independence. We still, even in light of so much going on have reason to be thankful for the pursuit that many had over 200 years ago when this nations started. So enjoy your day today and party hardy all weekend long, and may you have a most memorial time in all you do. One last time for now, the theme of the week has been,,, drum roll please,,, Different flavors of Schnapps, yup that wonderful stuff that adds flavor to so many summer cocktails. Have fun and be responsible please.   Remember, no one gets left, so if you come on one in true need, stop and lend a hand. And to the rest be of good cheer to them. And may you have a most Happy, Happy all day and all holiday weekend long.
Your morning Penguin/Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
I Forgot Day
World UFO Day
Made In The USA Day

Eat Beans Day - 3
Compliment Your Mirror Day - 3
Disobedience Day - 3
Stay out of the Sun Day - 3
Drop A Rock Day - 3
International Plastic Bag Free Day - 3
Superman Day - 3
Roswell UFO Days: 3-6

National Barbecue Day - 4
National Barbecue SpareRibs Day - 4
Caesar Salad Day - 4
Independence Day (U.S.) - 4
International Cherry Pit Spitting Day - 4
National Country Music Day - 4
Sidewalk Egg Frying Day - 4
Boom Box Parade Day - 4
Earth at Aphelion: 4
Hop A Park Day - 4
Independence From Meat Day - 4 (leave that to someone else)
Indivisible Day - 4
International Day of Cooperatives - 4
Lou Gehrig Day - 4
National Play Outside Day - 4
Freedom Week: 4-10

National Graham Cracker Day - 5
Build A Scarecrow Day - 5
National Bikini Day - 5
Work-a-holics Day - 5
Work Without Your Hands Day - 5
Be Nice To New Jersey Week: 5-11
National Farriers Week: 5-11
National Theraputic Recreation Week: 5-11
Nude Recreation Weekend: 5-12 (AMEN, the way God made us)

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